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Single City 单身之城

August 31, 2017

Set in a not-too-distant future where the human population is in decline, men and women no longer see the need to marry or reproduce. Faced with a low birth rate and aging population, the authorities create “Single City” where all unmarried singles aged 30 are sent. The purpose is simple – to find a partner and get married in 90 days. If singles are still unmarried at the end of this 90 days, a partner will be selected for them and they will be brainwashed to fall in love with each other. This story follows 4 singles as they begin their time in Single City. Will they fall in love, and find their happily ever after


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Single City 单身持证 Main Theme Song

© 2017 Alex Oh, 谭志华. All rights reserved.

Performed by 陈美心

Music by Alex Oh

Lyrics by 谭志华 Derrick Tham

Guitars: Jessel Yam

Bass: Mervyn Lim

Drums: Chow Kiat Er

Recording Engineer: Xander Toh

Recording Studio: Yellow Box Studios

Vocals edited and mixed by Francisco G. Ríos

Produced and Arranged by Alex Oh

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Single City 单身之城

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