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Alex Oh, a film composer, producer and pianist with two decades of experience, is one of Singapore's most prolific and versatile film composer. His philosophy is simple - To tell stories through music.

Alex has scored 24 feature films in Singapore, Australia, China and the United States, with genres ranging from comedy, family-oriented drama, action films, horror. Notable works include 1965, Taxi! Taxi!, My Dog Dou Dou, Imperfect 我们都不完美, 大世界 It's a Great Great World, as well as festival award winners like Faeryville, and darker films like Bait 3D, Rule No. 1 and The Maid. Alex has also worked with advertising agencies Lowe, Y&R, Saatchi & Saatchi, McCann-Erickson,TBWA and composed for numerous commercials. Alex received 'Top Local Soundtrack' award at the 22nd COMPASS (Composers and Authors Society of Singapore) 2017 awards presentation and twice nominated for Music Composition in Apollo Awards 2017 in short film 'Journey' and Best Original Music Score in Asian Television Awards 2004 for TV Series 'The Frontline'.

Alex holds a Masters in Arts: Scoring for Film and Visual Media (DIT Conservatory of Music and Drama in partnership with Pulse College, in Dublin, Ireland) learning under the tutelage of Hollywood veterans like Christopher Young (Spider-Man 3, Hellraiser, The Uninvited), Conrad Pope (Star Wars, Harry Potter, The Hobbit) and Gary Schyman.

Alex began his music journey at age 4, playing the classical piano and music theory studies. He later went into pop and jazz and 'dabbled' with music sequencing after getting his first Roland synthesizer in 1995. In 1999 he studied music production in a media arts school and later lectured there, teaching MIDI Production & Digital Audio. Since then, he has lectured Midi Production & Digital Audio and gave talks in Singapore top schools.

Alex is known for his versatility in writing different genres of scores. From thematic scores, emotional scores, small or epic scores, through innovative use of instruments and sounds to create modern scores. This wide stylistic range and facile command of both electronic and orchestra composition and ability to work collaboratively with a film director to 'solve problems', makes Alex one of the most sought-after composers in Singapore.

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More Testimonials

Alex is a refreshing, talented and diligent composer. He worked with us on the score for "Bait" and I can say did a great job...

Ian Maycock

Executive Producer, Bait

I had the privilege of working with Alex Oh who performed phenomenally as the Music Score Composer for my first feature film FAERYVILLE. Alex is serious about his work as a composer and knows the importance of music to film.

As a writer-director, I appreciate the energy and stamina he puts in to create the music. Even with 13 feature films under his belt, Alex doesn't talk down to a filmmaker making his first feature film (ie. me). He respects the material, studying it, questioning it, making an effort to understand it before recommending a sound, that leads to a score, and then a tapestry of masterful compositions. The music in Faeryville has contributed greatly to film's dystopian world, making it real and believable.

And for that, I thank Alex Oh, a true maestro.

Tzang Mervyn Tong

Founder / Award Winning Film Director at INRI studio

Alex is expert at giving voice to visuals, as can be attested to by the sterling work that he did on my films such as The Maid, Rule #1 and It's A Great Great World.

Kelvin Tong

Director, The Maid, Rule #1, It's A Great Great World.

His sense of story telling through music is superb and his wonderful piano playing has always brought a special touch to my films.

Kat Goh

Director, Dance Dance Dragon, Durian King.

Alex is a delight to work with. I had the pleasure of working with him for my film TAXI! TAXI! and even though time was limited, he was still very creative and remained professional throughout the process. Most importantly, I like what I hear!

Kelvin Sng

Director, Taxi! Taxi!

It’s great working with Alex. He is very creative and well verse in all instruments and arrangements. Best of all, he listens to inputs from the director and producers, understands what the movie requires, then plus his own input and creations = the results are outstanding. I will want to work with him again on other projects.

Chan Pui Yin

Producer, SIMF Management Pte. Ltd

Alex is professional, creative and guides you all the way to make sure you get brilliant results! He did a great job composing music for my latest film 'Burnt Forest' and I'm already looking forward to work with him again and again!!

Zippy Kimundu

Director, Burnt Forrest.

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